Monday, November 26, 2012

Room for ONE (ok Two)!

Most of my friends grew up with a knowledge of the Plaza Hotel, thanks to Home Alone 2 and the Eloise series. Many imagined what it would be like to "make their families disappear" and stay there alone for a week or even move into the penthouse with all of their pets... I, for one, never outgrew this dream. I feel like the older I get, the more it's intensified- I. Must. Live. In. The. Plaza.

Now, a few things make this tricky, like the fact I live in Oklahoma, or that I think you need to have a couple Mil in the bank in order to dwell in the Plaza residences. But even with a few hurdles in my way, the dream lives on.

Last month when Mr. King and I flew through the Big Apple, we kept our priorities straight and landed right on the steps of my beloved hotel first thing in the morning after we arrived. Since my last trip, the hotel has added glorious shopping and the most amazing eatery to the basement- the TODD ENGLISH FOOD HALL.

Think Harrod's, but American. It's fabulous. Counter after counter of Macaroons and Espresso and Sushi and a lot of cuisine that was flat out too advanced for my palate. 

I mean, we ate cake for breakfast (because why not) that was made of layer upon layer of strawberry crepes.

So eventually we remembered we couldn't spend our entire weekend there, so we did check out the shops, lobby and tea room. It's all so enchanting- the tea room is lined with memorabilia from some of the most famous guests. I could have spent an entire day exploring!

Why Yes, this is the Eloise shop there.
Can I live here? It's dreamy and magical and designed for 8 year olds. But who's counting?

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